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Who are we?

We are a full-service agency established in 2004, with a comprehensive understanding of not just creativity but its application in the digital and media space. As our client’s most significant marketing investment is often our domain specialization is media.

Today, media is more fragmented than ever. Consumer attention is more crowded than ever before. From identifying consumers to how they make decisions, we offer numerous opportunities in a new, complex media ecosystem.

The contribution of media to your business is more visible, immediate, and measurable. So that is how we create additional business value for you.

What we do?

To compliment our media expertise, we create, adapt, and tune brand messages to the frequency that your consumers can hear the most clearly. To do that we garner the insights necessary to properly define and design your brand, we offer the creative services to convert that insight into compelling advertising.

We have the resource to produce the audio, video print, and digital communication necessary to reach out to your customers at every possible touch point.

But we go even further, designing and operating effective customer interactions. We advocate your brand to your customers, whether that is on social media, where they shop, where they eat, and on the move. Whether it’s mass communication or targeted one-2-one interactions, Media House has the experience and expertise to make it work.

We help clients to communicate and build relationships with customers and we combine strategic, technological, and media expertise to deliver ideas that work. Through our structure, we offer complete expertise and the implementation of ideas and services.

Our services

Our services are divided into six areas:

Strategic Research

Strategy for brand development

Marketing Strategy

Quantitative & qualitative research

Media planning and buying

Monitoring and Post evaluation

Market and consumer segmentation

Communication strategies

Digital engagement

Creative and PR

Finding the right solution is the key to success.

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